TCM 2 808-(R) – Senior Aerospace Ermeto – Fosse (FR) PQ275

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Conditions for approval required by:  Jonathan Paget

2 Replies to “TCM 2 808-(R) – Senior Aerospace Ermeto – Fosse (FR) PQ275”

  1. Conditions to approve renewal of qualification:
    – Please show evidence or statement of compliance to latest EN4560 revision (revised tests)
    – Please show technical specification acceptance data per EN4560 for last batch of parts per EN4560. (Material CofC, dimensional, etc)
    – Manufacturing route should be updated to reference sub contractor details (name and address) for plating/coating operations.
    – Manufacturing route shows penetrant inspection, does supplier have approval certificate for this? (NADCAP)

    1. We comply to the last revision of EN4560, as demonstrated in the different test reports (I can send you these reports if necessary)
      See answer to M. Canteau and additional documents uploaded.
      Manufacturing route is updated with sub contractor details for coating.
      We have no supplier for penetrant inspection as it is performed in-house with a Nadcap approval.

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