TCM 2 782-(MCR) – Cherry Aerospace Div – Santa Ana (US) PQ429 Heat Treat and Silver Plating

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Conditions for approval required by:  Julien Gauther

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  1. a) 15 cycle torque test: units are in in.lbf.
    After converting “in.lbf” into “N.m”, values are in line with EN3297.
    25 cycle torque test gives conversions.
    b) Raw material complies with EN2404, but silver plating was carried out as per AMS2411.
    How could we consider AMS2411 equivalent to EN2786?
    c) FPI: what is the sample size?

    Many thanks.
    Best regards.

  2. 100% inspection was carried out on FPI

    Silver Plating to AMS2411

    A review of the AMS against the EN plating spec shows plating methods and acceptance criteria to be inline with each other, sharing the same requirements for Appearance, composition, post treatments and adhesion requirements.

    Based on historical data of past qualifications dating back to 1997, multi companies based in the USA use AMS 2411 as their method of silver plating, this has previously been agreed as acceptable by the Technical committee.

    No customer issues have been raised with any production batch manufactured to this method.

    SPS have also updated their report to state AMS2411 is equivalent to EN2404

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