TCM 2 674 – (R) – Blanc Aero Industries – LISI – Villefranche de Rouergue (FR) PQ212

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Conditions for approval required by:  Heinrich Hackmann

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2 Replies to “TCM 2 674 – (R) – Blanc Aero Industries – LISI – Villefranche de Rouergue (FR) PQ212”

  1. 1. Manufacturing Conformity Certificate(s)
    For PQ212 Materials, several COC certificates, several material documents (3.1.certificates) are listed. One of the documents ( COC) are from Auber&Duval (ref. A/L09/0109-O/AD.
    In parallel a “Statement of Inspection and Conformity” from LISI; Lot Nr 455454 issued 20-07-2012 is listed under the QTR Sub para Manufacturing acceptance data, for PQ212.
    This “Statement of Inspection and Conformity” listed under
    Material Source Brown Europe
    Melt Source Aubert&Duval.

    it’s exactly the material and melted by Aubert&Duval, and transformed by BROWN EUROPE by wiredrawing

    How is the correlation between “Manufacturing Conformity Certificates” and Manufacturing acceptance?
    On Manufacturing acceptance in the block Raw Material you will find our Item number (000745), our Lot number (AO1077) and Heat number (RH601) which make the correlation with Manufacturing Conformity Certificate.

    2. Statement from LISI required
    Due to the issue regarding Aubert&Duval; we have to ask for more informations.
    A confirmation from LISI regarding COC from Auber&Duval (ref. A/L09/0109-O/AD) that all physical and chemical requirements are fulfilled is necessary.

    As the renewal concerns nuts, we did not carry out Stress rupture test. But we carried out Raw Material Receiving Inspection, and Stress rupture test is conform.

    3. Addresses
    Difference in the addresses and or Name of the company. ACP’s and PQ should have the same Name and addresses

    The name of the company (raison sociale) is BLANC AERO INDUSTRIES and we are part of the LISI Group. On the next renewal we will be careful to write the same name on all documents.

    4. Manufacturing Route is insufficient
    Missing Info’s
    There are differences in the Manufacturing Route
    – EN2910 Nuts bihexagonal, self-locking (no surface treatment required) I corrected the manufacturing route for EN2910, see Attachment
    – EN 2911 Shank nuts, self-locking; Silver plating
    1. Marking of parts Not frozen operation
    2. Electrolytic silver plating to EN2786 Our Technical sheet DT414 contains this information
    3. Final Inspection Not frozen operation

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