TCM 2 392-1-13 LISI Aerospace [Bestas] Gazemir (TR) EN4135-080, -100, -120

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Conditions for approval required by:  Keith Allen (RR)

2 Replies to “TCM 2 392-1-13 LISI Aerospace [Bestas] Gazemir (TR) EN4135-080, -100, -120”

  1. Approved subject to following comments:
    1. Qualification was almost 2.5 years ago and expenses have not been approved.
    2. The tensile requirement for 8mm thread size bolts in ISO9152 is 46kN, not 35kN, but the results are all above 46 kN.

    1. 1. Duration of the qualification period is not our responsibility this long time is completely ASD Cert related issue you can validate it MBR and other member. We have waited almost one year (maybe more) for an MBR assignment than we waited MBR to submit the QTR to the ASD Cert portal (waited almost one year again). Finally waited for QTR review (I don’t recall the duration). About your second question necessary payments have done form our company.
      2. It is my mistake corrected test requirements have been uploaded to the additional data section.

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