TCM 1 934-Blanc Aero Industries – LISI – La Glèbe, La Rouquette, (FR) EN4012-140

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  1. Solution heat treatment (DT494):
    Below solution heat treatment curve, we have following note:
    “EN4048 : refroidissement huile uniquement”
    As per EN4048, clause 5.3.2:
    “Solution treat (if applicable) at a temperature of 950 °C to 980 °C, hold at the selected temperature within ± 15 °C for between 1 h min. and 2 h max., quench in oil, or alternative medium or faster.”
    Theoretically, EN4048 allows several ways to quench (oil quench, alternative medium or faster).
    This is just something to point out and not blocking. Maybe LISI AEROSPACE has a good reason to specify oil quenching only to provide correct mechanical properties.

    Aging (DT494): aging parameters are in accordance with AMS standards. Could you please confirm that they are also in line with EN4048?

    Many thanks.

    1. Technical data sheet C18 / A1 is used for several technical specifications (EN4048 and EN2583). The note imposes oil cooling only for the EN4048 specification because neutral gas cooling would be slower than with oil and this is not allowed by the EN4048 specification.;

      There was an error in the heat treatment sheet in the qualification tests report. The aging carried out on the parts complies with technical sheet C18 / B2 and not with technical sheet C18 / B. QTR enclosed has been updated.
      I confirm that the aging parameters (DT494 and C18/B2) are in line with the EN4048 specification


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