TCM 1 845 – Howmet Fastening Systems – Portet sur Garonne (FR) EN4072-050

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Conditions for approval required by:  Julien Gauther

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  1. Fatigue test: in Test Report, minimum and maximum loads applied are 47 daN and 470 daN. As per ISO9152, required loads (± 2%) are 0,4 kN and 4,3 kN. From my point of view, this is not blocking since actual loads are higher, but why do we have this difference?
    NOTE: in QTR, it is written: “Bolts shall, under a minimum load of 0.4kN and a maximum load of 4.3kN”.

    QTR, fillet between head and shank: I think there is a mix / a confusion between A, B and C dimensions.

    QTR, tensile test failure locations: in QTR, all breaks are located in threads whereas in Test Report, there are different break locations (tensile and shear thread ruptures and shear under head). NOTE: tensile values are exactly the same in both QTR and Test Report, which means that these are the same tests.

    In QTR, discontinuities: could you just please replace “Tableau 5 ISO9152 Discontinuities Requirements” by “Tableau 10 ISO9152 Discontinuities Requirements”?

    Many thanks in advance,
    Best regards.

    1. Dear Julien,
      Conditions have been submitted to Howmet Mecaero,
      For the last point, I think it’s enough clear into QTR because it’s indicated :
      “Requirement: as per ISO9152 table 10”
      then, below the table extracted from ISO9152, it’s titled “Tableau 10 ISO9152 Discontinuities Requirements”. So I don’t think we can have a misunderstanding on this point.
      Please let me know if you agree or not.

      thank you in advance,
      Best regards,

      1. Dear Julien,
        please find below the conditions answered by Howmet Mecaero,

        – Fatigue test:
        o From my point of view also, this is not blocking since performed loads are higher. Reviewed during audit with required loads 0,4 kN and 4,3 kN
        o Howmet Mecaero explanation: “operator error who applied higher loads than required, Howmet internal instruction says 0.4 / 4.3kN.” I agree and I accept the explanation, as reviewed during audit.
        -QTR: fillet between head and shank: mix between A, B and C dimensions.
        o QTR has been updated to rev 03 => OK
        -QTR: tensile test failure locations: break locations updated and in line with both QTR and Test Report,
        o QTR has been updated to rev 03 according to Test Report / CoC for the break locations.

        • Can you please review the answered conditions ?

        Thank you in advance for your treatment,

        Have a nice day,
        Sébastien GARCIA

  2. Dear Sébastien,

    I am happy with all your answers.
    Thus, this qualification is approved on my side.
    Best regards.

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