TCM 1 392-2-3 LISI Aerospace [Bestas] Gazemir (TR) EN4162-040, -050, -060

QAR: Click Here
Conditions for approval required by:  Philippe Canteau

3 Replies to “TCM 1 392-2-3 LISI Aerospace [Bestas] Gazemir (TR) EN4162-040, -050, -060”

  1. Conditions for initial qualification (ACP-003) of EN4162-040 050 060 bolts under ISO7689 technical specification:
    • Several certificates have expired, please update.
    • Plating process sheets for the 3 EN part numbers inside the QTR, this document is barely readable: please confirm that it is Cadmium plating conformity as per EN2133.

    1. Hello Philippe,

      – Expired certs have been updated.

      – Yes I confirm the plating applied according to EN2133, I will provide the process sheets with e-mail. (I forgot to add them to additional documents section and now it doesn’ t appear.)


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