TCM 1 482-1-6 -(MCR)- Blanc Aero Industries – LISI – Villefranche de Rouergue (FR) Lisi Villefranche Relocation

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Conditions for approval required by:  Heinrich Hackmann


Heinrich Hackmann
Airbus Defence and Space
Date: 15.05.2019


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  1. LISI VDR Move TO VDR2

    General Comments to LISI – Report JL943668 Rev. 1, March 8th 2018
    A more detailed description shall be provided in the report.

    1) Drawing of VDR 2 “NEW” Shop Floor “where” the heat treatment facilities and equipment’s are located and operating in the new area.

    2) Type ; Serial Number ; Main technical data etc. of the Heat treatment oven and facilities (data acquisition equipment) incl. Photos of all facilities used for the heat treatment process, shall be part of the report.

    3) Description of the process supervisory chain (chain of custody) (Überwachungskette

    4) Data of last calibration of all equipment’s /facilities use for this Heat treatment process.

    5) Quality acceptance test/ verification test report of heat treatment facilities after moving.

    6) Curves of all heat treatment steps shall be added.

    7) Tensile strength test and curves of tensile strength test shall be added.

    8) Discontinuities (para 4 of the report):
    What kind of inspection are performed. What results are achieved.
    What kind of standards where used for inspection; e.g. Method of crack inspection should be quoted.

    9) When (Date) was the first heat treatment process performed on batch Nr.943668?
    (Reason: The LISI Statement of Inspection and Conformity for Lot number 943668 was performed on 16.10.2017.)

    A clear answer /comments to above questions should provide by LISI.

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