TCM 1 1031-(R) – Howmet Fastening Systems – Portet sur Garonne (FR) PQ372

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Conditions for approval required by:  Philippe Canteau

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  1. Conditions to renew qualification (ACP-006) of EN3613-050 bolts under EN2583 technical specification:
    • This ACP-006 manufacturing route show alternative subcontractors for heat treatment (Thermi-Garonne,Bodycote), silver plating treatment (Aeroprotec, Gallion, Robert Stuart), tensile test, fatigue test, hot tensile test and stress rupture (Dickson testing, Westmoreland). The report also states that no manufacturing route changes have occurred on PQ232. Therefore, only the current manufacturing route attached to the previous qualification report 461 of PQ232 is renewed in this report 1031. Please provide ASD-CERT with this unchanged manufacturing route as per report 461. Subsequent alternative subcontractors will be submitted to ASD-CERT with the corresponding ACP-008 procedure as per ASD-CERT Quality Manual.

    1. Dear Philippe,
      Please find enclosed the manufacturing route rev 3, which shows no change compared to original qualification according to PQ372.

      The report for the qualification 1031 (ACP006 – EN3613-050 – HFS Mécaéro) has been updated accordingly.
      Please let us know when can you please review it (status is “Urgent”).

      Thank you in advance,
      I stay available if you need additional information,

      Have a nice day,
      Sébastien GARCIA

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