TCM 2 980-(R) – Paolo Astori SPA – Gattico (IT) PQ388

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Conditions for approval required by:  Philip Edwards

3 Replies to “TCM 2 980-(R) – Paolo Astori SPA – Gattico (IT) PQ388”

  1. Question on manufacturing route. – no NDT after crimping is this correct? if so justification on how the crimp process is checked to find any possible cracks

  2. Dear Phil,
    I send you the answer to your question prepared by Stefano Giacometti – Product Engineer of paolo Astori.
    REPLY: Yes, there is not NDT inspection after crimping. We perfom a NDT inspection after forming only to check the absence of defects due to the raw material. Crimping operations has a control plan to check that the process was correclty performed.
    NDT it is not required by specification (only for qualification) and considering our high experience (more than 75 years of nuts manufacturing), the risk analysis and acceptance tests required we think that there is no any potential risk to produce non conforming parts for this type of nut.

    Best Regards

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