TCM 2 867 – Howmet Fixations Simmonds – St Cosme en Vairais (FR) EN2883-050

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Conditions for approval required by:  Philippe Canteau

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  1. Conditions for initial qualification (ACP-003) of EN2883-050 nuts under ISO5858 technical specification (it takes into account the answers provided to J. Gauther’s conditions):
    • NADCAP certificate for surface treatment is expired and as the Saint Cosmes surface treatment shop has been destroyed by fire in 2019 therefore no NADCAP certificate is available, however the NADCAP certificate for the Surface Treatment subcontractor shall be added to this qualification file 867.
    • Please provide a valid EN9100 certificate for HFS Casablanca where a stamping and cutting operation is done according to the manufacturing route.
    • A typing error is found in the QTP paragraph (not the document). It should read “nut” instead of “bolt”. Please correct.
    • Wrenching feature test. The tested double hexagon nut shown on the QTR photo does not seem to be an EN2883 nut which is a hexagon nut. Please clarify why the photo is not in accordance with the standard product to be qualified.
    • Non rotation of captive washer. Please provide a photo of the test with a mark on the washer and a mark on the bearing surface to show that the washer has not turned after the test was done.
    • Stress embrittlement test was not done on this nut, is it not applicable? Is Hardness less than 44 HRC after heat treatment? No explanation is shown on the report. Please provide ASD-CERT with justification.
    • Material as per TR3791. Only AMS 5525 for the washer is shown on the certificate of conformity. AMS 5731 for the nut has not been found. Please clarify that the material stated in the certificate of conformity for the nut is in conformance with TR3791.

    1. Dear Philippe,
      please you can find below the answers to the conditions:
      -Nadcap certificate for surface treatment: Not needed
      No CoC for ACP003 dossier because surface treatment were performed before the fire in June 2019. Parts were manufactured in 2016/2017.
      – EN9100 certificate for HFS Casablanca: see enclosed
      – A typing error is found in the QTP: corrected
      – Wrenching feature test: Picture is just for information it is not the right part.
      – Non rotation of captive washer: See picture added in paragraph 6.3 of QTR 8265B enclosed
      – Stress embrittlement test: Hardness measured in QTR 8265B are included between 374-388 HV5 e.g. 38- 44 HRC after heat treatment so stress embrittlement is not required due to the fact that hardness is lower than 44 HRC.
      – Material as per TR3791 – AMS 5731 for the nut has not been found: In QTR 8265B you will find enclosed 2 COC :
      -AT1375109 : raw material for the washer ( AMS 5525)
      -n°80868 : raw material for the nut . The COC from Brown EUROPE refers to Howmet St-Cosme internal specification SAM004 ( see document enclosed) which refers to AMS5731 or EN Standards listed in TR3791

      Have a nice day,
      Antoine Diaz

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