TCM 2 817-Arconic St Cosme en Vairais (FR) 5JSMF50209M

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Conditions for approval required by:  Philip Edwards

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  1. Manufacturing route calls out MPI, test report reports FPI has been used. Is it the intention to use MPI for production parts or is this a typo

    Tensile testing requires 8 samples for qualification only 4 have been carried out

    1. QTR Clause 1.4.1 : Surface discontinuities was checked by MPI instead of FPI due to the fact that the parts are in alloy steel. QTR will be updated.
      QTR Clause 6.1.1 & 6.1.2 : In the QTR tests were performed on 8 nuts, 4 nuts at room temperature at 80 % and 4 nuts after baking at the maximum temperature at 100 %. ISO 5858 is confusing because it requests 8 nuts, quantity of sampling is not very clear we can interpretate 4 samples for each tensile test, total 8 samples or 8 samples for each tests; not clear.
      The test report in order to avoid any interpretation tests were performed on 8 nuts at room temperature at 80 % and 8 nuts at 100 % after baking. the QTR will be updated.

      How can we send you the QTR updated ? because we cannot load it through the ASD-Cert System. Thanks for your reply.

      Nadege RICHARD

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