TCM 2 814-Arconic St Cosme en Vairais (FR) 4JSF60009M

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Conditions for approval required by:  Heinrich Hackmann

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  1. Comments to ASD-Cert Nr.814

    I) Front Page of ASD-Cert File for 814
    a) Please enter the correct designation of the standard. It’s called:
    “Aerospace series”- Nuts, anchor self locking, floating, one lug, with counterbore, in steel plated, MoS2 lubricated- Classification: 1100MPa (at ambient temperature 235°C.

    b) Technical Specification:
    The technical Specification is:
    ISO 5858; Replace EN9133 by ISO 5858

    c) NADCAP or OEM accreditation for Heat Treating (AC7102 HT) is expiated

    d) Companies for Surface Treatment (PROTEC and Fluorotechnique) certification
    Do this companies approved and certified by Arconic or do this companies have an ISO9100 certificate or equivalent approval?

    II) QTR Report
    1. Para. 5.3.1 Appearance
    Please quote in the report that visual inspection was performed by a 10 times magnification.

    2. Para. 5.1 Material
    The Material used at Arcoinc is 25CD4. Please enter the Material Standard which is used. EN 2866 require EN2542 or EN2543
    Arconic to confirm that their material Specification (SAM0004 and SAM 0004/0) is in line with the standard material EN 2542 and EN 2543 as referenced in the product standard.

    3. Par 1.5. Hardness check
    The required hardness form Material should be referenced in this para.
    4. Para 6.6. Accelerated vibration
    Was the vibration test performed with the “Basket”? How was the condition of the Basket after this test? Do Arconic have an photos of the Baskets?

    Best regards
    Heinrich Hackmann
    Senior Expert
    Mechanical / General Systems
    Material & Processes; TEIM
    Airbus Defence and Space GmbH

    1. I) Front page of ASD-Cert file for 814 -a) I have asked on april 8th, 2020 C. Festaud to correct the designation of the standard on the website as you mentioned it above.
      b) Technical Specification : ok also asked C. Festaud on April 8th, 2020 to replace EN9133 by ISO 5858 as I cannot correct by myself on the website.
      c) I sent by e-mail to C. Festaud on April 8h, 2020 the current Nadcap/OEM acceditation of Heat Treating (AC7102 HT)
      d) I gave also on April 8th by e-mail Protec & Fluorotechnique certification – hoping she transfers them to you. I resend them today June 3rd, 2020.
      As regards point II) 1. Para 5.3.1 Appearance : See update on QTR 8668A I transmit to C. Festaud today by e-mail (June 3rd, 2020) – . Para 5.1 Material : See update on QTR 8668A I transmit to C. Festaud today by e-mail (June 3rd, 2020) – 3. Para 1.5 Harness check : Please note that test were performed without cage as required in ISO 7481 § 3.12.2. – Please get in touch with Christelle Festaud who will give you our QTR 8668A corrected and all the elements you need further to the e-mail I resend to her today on June 3rd, 2020.


      1. Heinrich,

        The updated QTR is available in the QTR section.
        All the certificates are available in the accreditations section.
        The references of the qualified product have been modified as requested in the top section of the report.


        Christelle Festaud

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