TCM 2 740-(MCR) – (Bollhoff) Armstrong Precision Components – Hull (UK) PQ087 Change Sub-Contract Silver Pla

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Conditions for approval required by:  Philippe Canteau

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  1. Conditions to qualify the ACP-008 MCR for EN2942-050 helicoils for Bollhoff Armstrong in UK (PQ168).
    • Material used is W Nr 2.4669. A statement of equivalence with EN3018 material specification called in EN2942 product standard shall be sent to ASD-CERT.
    • Minimum breakaway torque for 3 cycles. 3 cycles are for acceptance test. This ACP-008 MCR for change of coating supplier may influence locking torque. The MCR shall demonstrate that 15 cycles at ambient temperature, 5 cycles at hot temperature are still successful, meaning that after 15 cycles, and 5 cycles, the breakaway values are still over the minimum specified value of 0,25 mN for those helicoils with the new silver plating. Please provide ASD-CERT with a demonstration that the 3 cycles chosen for acceptance test for this MCR change should give successful tests for 15 and 5 cycles of an initial qualification with the new coating supplier Stainless Plating Ltd.
    • The new manufacturing route, for this ACP-008, signed and stamped by the MBR auditor is missing. Please provide ASD-CERT with it. Only the new coating supplier’s job card has been provided.
    • Please provide ASD-CERT with a statement that tested A71131857502 part number is fully equivalent to EN2942-050075 to be qualified.
    • The thread fillet maximum temperature of 45°C is not reported. Please provide ASD-CERT with a statement that the temperature of thread fillet was below 45°C all the time.
    • Please also provide ASD-CERT with the evidence that the maximum rotation of the helicoils was below + or – 90° as per EN2942 technical specification.

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