TCM 2 733-Johann Maier & Co. – Stuttgart (DE) EN 4636-100013

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  1. On QTR-EN4636-100013-rev-C, §3.4.1, we have a minimum tensile test value requirement equals to 29 kN since we have a countersunk head bolt with drive recess.
    On report 3.4.1 A, the minimum tensile test value requirement is 57 kN, which matches with countersunk head bolt, normal head requirement as per ISO9152, table 5.
    Reminder: fatigue tensile tests have been done by using load values for countersunk head bolt with drive recess.

    On report 3.5.1 A, we can read “VIS A TETE CREUSE BI-H LARGE”, but we are talking about “Vis, 100° à tête fraisée, à filetage court, à empreinte six lobes”.
    It seems that it is a wrong copy/paste, because a picture shows countersunk head bolt cut.

    Surface coating – Report QA-18044547/01-1:
    Coating thickness measurements have been done on “Durchmesser”, which can be translated into shank diameter if I am not mistaken.
    EN4473, § 3.7 states:
    functional surfaces
    functional surfaces are defined as surfaces in contact with mating structure and threaded portion such as
    ? screws: under head bearing surface, shank, lead-in radius and thread surface if applicable;
    ? nuts: bearing surfaces, thread surface;
    ? spherical washers: bearing surfaces;
    ? swaged collars: all surfaces.

    So, where are thickness values for under head bearing surface, lead in radius and thread surface?
    For some areas, it would mean that thickness measurements shall be done on cut (especially root, flank and crest thread diameters) or another method (X-ray flourescence…).
    Many thanks in davance and have a nice day.

  2. Reply to Julien Gauther Comments

    1) Tensile Test Values, para. 3.4.1
    Comments agreed. QTP and QTR will be up-dated.
    2) Fatigue Test para. 3.4.3
    Comments agreed. Text will be up-dated.
    3) Heat to shank grain flow; para. 3.5.1.
    Designation will be changed with QTR revision.
    4) Surface coating
    Change of “Durchmesser” into “Shank diameter”
    The report from the “coating supplier” Aerocoating cannot be changed, but will be noted and corrected for the future.
    5) EN 4473, para 3.7 Surface treatment
    The supplier Johann Maier statement.
    EN4473 can not be used as application for the surface. The standard EN4473 applies for the paint supplier. EN 4474 requires only the surface treatment thickness of 5-13 um. (mümeter)

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