TCM 2 695-(R) – Blanc Aero Industries – LISI – Villefranche de Rouergue (FR) PQ346

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  1. PQ346-CC-OF-470461 page 1/3:
    What is sampling done for flareability test ? What are flareability parameters applied ?
    What is HBW to HRC conversion applied ? EN3004 requires HRC test. But, maybe, HRC is not suitable for (small) nut, which is the case here.
    It seems that bars or wires have been used for manufacturinf these nuts. So, as per EN3004, HRC should be between 27 and 41 HRC.
    the value is in HBW , between 300 and 305, the result corresponds to 31 HRC compliant.
    Page 2/3:
    As per EN3004, table 4, discontinuities are considered as major defect with AQL = 0,065%. So, sampling shall be 200 parts instead of 125. The down arrow in table 4 is applicable for Acceptance/Rejection criterai and related sampling as well.
    It should be good to add sampling size for dimensional, marking, surface treatment controls.
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    Kind regards.

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