TCM 2 588-2 – SPS Technologies – Santa Ana (US) EN3241

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Conditions for approval required by:  Heinrich Hackmann

Heinrich Hackmann
Airbus Defence and Space
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  1. Comments to ASD-Cert PQ 588-2: ; – SPS Technologies; Cherry Aerospace –
    EN 3241-050 product standard ; EN 3152 technical Specification
    QTR Nr 9644

    1) Signature of QTR is missing.

    2) Units “INCH” and or “SI –Metric.
    General comments.
    The EN 3241 Product Standard and the technical specification EN 3152 clearly require “SI-Metric Units” For these metric units the product has to be qualified an can be used by other aircraft manufacture.
    Independent if the manufacture is in the US manufacture, the requirement is clear to use SI-metric units in all tables.
    The table head should clearly identify if measured results are in (inch) and recalculated values are in “SI-metric”. One of the units should be in (parentheses.)
    The use of “SI-Metric Units” are important for the use for documentation.

    3) Silver Plating to EN 2786
    The standard EN 3241 requires a silver plating to EN 2786. It is noted that for this process SPS Technology has a process NADCAP approval for AMS 2410. The equivalency to EN2786 process should be stated in the QTR.

    4) Sealed Manufacturing Route
    Typo in Job Card 68846 – 0000
    Procurement Spec. called EN 3251. This is a product standard for 8°30’ pipe coupling.

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