TCM 2 520 – (MCR)– Arconic Fastening Systems & Rings – Portet sur Garonne (FR) PQ310

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Conditions for approval required by:  Julien Gauther

3 Replies to “TCM 2 520 – (MCR)– Arconic Fastening Systems & Rings – Portet sur Garonne (FR) PQ310”

  1. Material certificate attached is wrong since EN4127 is TA6V bolt and “CoC20Material2028129” pdf file deals with 40NCD7 steel.
    Could you please add HFS lot number 1637754 material certificate

    Sample size for visual inspection is missing.

    PFC is incomplete to my mind because, mechanical and metallurgical tests, packaging and shipment operations are not mentioned at the end.

    Many thanks.

  2. TR3775 allows EN4967 Titanium to be used. The material cert in this MCR confirms material meets this grade.

    80 samples were inspected as state on the dimensional inspection report, embedded in the First Article Inspection Report section. This covers batch sizes between 501 and 1200 pieces – Lot quantity for this batch was 1003.

    Issue with website. When the document is electronically signed it cuts the bottom of the document off. – reuploaded document and both a signed version and non signed version are uploaded.

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