TCM 2 421– Amphenol Socapex – Thyez (FR) EN3155-014, -015

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Conditions for approval required by:  Pierre Baena

2 Replies to “TCM 2 421– Amphenol Socapex – Thyez (FR) EN3155-014, -015”

  1. Appendix F – Manufacturing flow chart not provided ( no evidence of sealed condition)
    Appendix G – FAI not provided (no evidence of inspection of manufactured products) to analyze dimensional conformities
    Appendix K – No data sheet provided (customer drawing)
    Test EN2591-508 – measurement coating thickness no clear evidence of how and where the inspection has been done on the products ( need better illustration and detail including picture of aged samples)

    1. Appendix F: Manufcaturing flow charts have been sent by email
      Appendix G: Add to the application page
      Appendix K: Add to the application page
      Test EN2591-508: Add a specific document showing test method and final picture (see Gold plating RE17-115 summary)

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