TCM 2 392-1-7 LISI Aerospace [Bestas] Gazemir (TR) EN3740-050, -060, -080, -100, -150, -170

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Conditions for approval required by:  Keith Allen (RR)

2 Replies to “TCM 2 392-1-7 LISI Aerospace [Bestas] Gazemir (TR) EN3740-050, -060, -080, -100, -150, -170”

  1. Approved subject to the following being corrected:
    Typo where the standard is stated as EN3470 when it should be EN3740
    Chemical processing certificate expired on 30th April 2020 so suggest the current certificate is stated
    Same for heat treatment certificate which expires at end of this month
    The qualification was witnessed in 2017 but has taken 3 years for the report to be reviewed!
    Errors in the tensile test results. For -080, the incorrect results are provided. For -010, it seems the -080 results are stated.

    1. 1. I have contacted with Philip Edwards in order to correct the standard.
      2. I have uploaded our new NADCAP Certificates to the additional information section.
      3. Duration of the qualification period is not our responsibility this long time is completely ASD Cert related issue you can validate it MBR and other member. We have waited almost one year (maybe more) for an MBR assignment than we waited MBR to submit the QTR to the ASD Cert portal (waited almost one year again). Finally waited for QTR review (I don’t recall the duration). We made ASD-CERT applications for too many references at the same time and started to manufacture in 2016 but at time and ASD-CERT couldn’t find any MBR available for us for a long time. Upon Hürriyet EGILMEZ getting his authorization for auditing, his started to witness our jobs but he could not continue. Then Philip took over these jobs.
      4. About the last question please see EN3740 comments about tensile pdf. at the additional documents section.

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