TCM 1 983-(MCR) – Howmet Fixations Simmonds – St Cosme en Vairais (FR) PQ205 Subcontract Surface treatment

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  1. In QTR, hardness section, we have three Vickers hardness results whereas in “micro/macro” section, we have five Rockwell hardness results.
    As per EN3152, table 6 (column B), five nuts shall be hardness tested (mfg batch size: 27086).
    Could you please clarify this?

    Adhesion test seems to have been carried out without any baking process at maximum operating temperature (425°C) prior to test.
    This is due to following EN2786 requirement:
    “a) Parts with a maximum test temperature of up to and including 425 °C:
    The temperature of any de-embrittlement shall be considered sufficient. If no de-embrittlement is carried out, the temperature shall be the maximum test temperature of the parts.”
    Since these parts underwent a de-embrittlement process, adhesion test was done directly thereafter.

    In QTP, reusability test mentioned is the fifteen cycle test whereas in QTR, we have results for the three cycle test.
    Three cycle test results are in line with EN3152, but if QTP states that 15 cycle test shall be carried out on 10 parts, then we shall have these results.
    Could you please clarify?

    Many thanks.

    1. Comment 1. Perhaps a bit unclear, but page 2 of 3 of the QTR, chapter Micro / Macro, “Notes” does contain the 5 HRC measurements.

      Comment 2. Was agreed..

      Comment 3. Indeed, there is an omission between the QTP & QTR # 983 (ACP008, MCR) regarding the 15 cycles test, as noted in the comment. However, this qualifier #983 coincides with qualification #988 (ACP006, renewal). These two qualifications have been split for administrative reasons “demonstrability”. In qualification # 988 (renewal) the 15 cycles test was performed. In the QTR # 983, the three cycle test is indeed noted according to the EN3152.
      Administratively, the QTP is incorrect, but this has no further effect on the accuracy of the # 983 qualification.


  2. Adhesion test after baking at maximum operating temperature (425°C) prior to test has been carried out in qualification 988.
    15 cycle reusability test results are available in qualification 988.

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