TCM 1 956-AHG Ateliers de la Haute-Garonne – Flourens (FR) EN2549-040

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Conditions for approval required by:  Julien Gauther

3 Replies to “TCM 1 956-AHG Ateliers de la Haute-Garonne – Flourens (FR) EN2549-040”

  1. In QTR, minimum tensile load requirement is 10 kN, as specified in ISO9152.
    In “Certificate of Conformity”, this minimum value is 8,4 kN.
    Could you please clarify?
    Many thanks.

    1. it is problem in the ERP system at AHG.
      in the QTR and in the ERP there is the right value ( 10 Kn) ( see copy of the ERP screen included in “suplementary document” with requirement ( blue circle) and the 5 test values )
      It is problem of the extract from ERP to the CC and AHG IT département is working on this bug

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