TCM 1 939-Blanc Aero Industries – LISI – La Glèbe, La Rouquette, (FR) EN2909-100

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  1. Heat treatment:
    What are the temperature tolerances for solution heat treatment and aging?

    Silver thickness: in QTR, it is written “the coating thickness is about 5 µm”.
    EN2909 specifies:
    External surfaces: 5 µm to 15 µm
    Thread ? MJ6: 5 µm min. on thread flanks”.
    Could you please give more information about silver thickness?

    Many thanks,

    1. Response from LISI:
      We use a class 4 furnace according to AMS2750 (+/- 10 ° C) to carry out the solution heat treatment and a class 2 furnace (+/- 6 ° C) to carry out the aging.
      According to the specification and our internal documentation, the value given is an average of several measurements taken on the part. There is an error on the QTR, the value is not 5 µm but 12 µm as you can see on the Certificate of conformity in appendix 7 of the report. For more details, we measured a thickness of 12 µm on the outside of the nut and 9 µm on the thread. You will find attached the amended QTR.

      Corrections have been made to QTR. You will find it attached updated.
      This is Dickson subcontracting. Enclosed is the valid Dickson NADCAP certificate

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