TCM 1 931-(MCR) – Howmet Fixations Simmonds – St Cosme en Vairais (FR) PQ205 Subcontract Surface treatment

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Conditions for approval required by:  Julien Gauther

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  1. This MRC deals with silver plating outsourcing.
    Reusability test at ambient temperature (15 cycles) has been carried out by HFS to verify if locking torques are still conform after changing silver plating source.
    Adhesion test after 425°C baking was carried out as per EN3152 and EN2786.

    In addition, EN3152 requires a reusability test at ambient temperature after 425 °C baking (5 cycles).
    Apparently, this reusability test after baking was not carried out although silver plating has changed.
    Is locking torque test after 425°C baking also compliant?
    Does it means that reusability test – 15 cycles and adhesion test after baking are sufficient to forego reusability test after baking?

    Many thanks,

    1. The ACP008 procedure for Manufacturing Change Request Approval (MCR) in the ASD-Cert Quality Manual, issued 19/12/2017 (ASD-Cert site), page 49/62 indicates the following:
      “ASD-CERT Secretary General will forward the MCR to a nominated Auditor to request for his recommendations & proposed costs for the audit or review. If agreed, the manufacturing route used to manufacture the parts, shall be accordingly changed, proven (by any applicable testing required by the auditor), established, agreed, stamped and sealed”.

      As designated auditor in this MCR procedure, I agreed as an applicable test to what was proposed in the QTP of this MCR as test (page 5, point Self-locking torque at ambient temperature (12 cycles)).

      This MCR is one of many MCR’s, because the silver plating has to be outsourced due to the fire in the surface treatment department in 2019.

      Performing a successful reusability test at ambient temperature, as performed here, provides sufficient assurance that the other tests do not need to be performed.


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