TCM 1 903 – Howmet Fixations Simmonds – St Cosme en Vairais (FR) 7100ES11CM3

QAR: Click Here
Conditions for approval required by:  Philip Edwards

2 Replies to “TCM 1 903 – Howmet Fixations Simmonds – St Cosme en Vairais (FR) 7100ES11CM3”

    1. This qualification # 903. The QTR has been approved by me on 31 July 2020. So all the material tests have been performed before 31 July 2020, which falls within the accreditation period of the NADCAP MT Certificate.

      At the request of the technical committee an updated NADCAP MT CERT is uploaded.
      The original expiration date of the accreditation (31 July 2020) has been extended by NADCAP until 31 October 2020 due to the COVID-19. Both NADCAP MT CERT are in the report to make this comment clear.
      The renewal NADCAP MTL audit took place in week 34, 2020 and Howmet is now working on the corrective actions.

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