TCM 1 791-Arconic St Cosme en Vairais (FR) 6JRH80035M

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Conditions for approval required by:  Julien Gauther

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  1. On QTR, hardness requirement is: “no requirement”.
    On QTP and as per ISO5858, the hardness of the finished nuts shall be within the limits specified in the definition document for the nut or in the material standard.
    EN2882 calls out following material standards:
    Nut: EN 3329 or EN 3330
    Washer: EN 2543 or EN 3329
    So, from my point of view, hardness values shall be in accordance with material standards mentioned above.
    On HFS’s QTR, no hardness test was done on washer.
    On DGQT 54121 report, hardness test was carried out on both parts (nut and washer).
    Why hardness test results on washers are not mentioned in HFS’s QTR?

    On QTR, where are cadmium thickness measurements on nut pitch diameters?
    As per EN2882, clause 3.3: “EN 2133, 5 ?m minimum on threads and all areas which can be contacted by a 20 mm diameter ball. On all other areas, a continuous cadmium plating shall be present.”
    Fortunately, on DGQT 54121 report, cadmium thickness measurements were carried out.
    Why cadmium thickness values are not mentioned in HFS’s QTR?

    On Process Flow Chart, why do we have cetyl alcohol lubrication on cadmium plated washer?
    EN2882 does not specify any lubrication on washers.
    Maybe, Cetyl Alcohol lubrication is intended to make assembly easier!?

    Many thanks,

    1. M. Gauther,

      Je vous informe que notre rapport corrigé (8717C-6JRH80035M-ISO5858) a été mis en ligne dans ce dossier.

      Vous en souhaitant bonne réception,
      Mme Richard

  2. Many thanks Mrs. Richard, everything is clear now.
    Approved on my side.
    Best regards.

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