TCM 1 775-(MCR) – Arconic St Cosme en Vairais (FR) PQ421 Subcontract surface treatment EN2647-060

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Conditions for approval required by:  Julien Gauther

2 Replies to “TCM 1 775-(MCR) – Arconic St Cosme en Vairais (FR) PQ421 Subcontract surface treatment EN2647-060”

  1. Reusability test- 15 cycles:
    In QTR, it is written “1st cycle minimum breakaway torque: 0,7 N.m”
    This requirement is only applicable for single-cycle test.
    Could you please confirm and remove this if true?

    Since cadmium plating and lubrication processes are the purpose of this MCR (outsourced surface treatments), reusability test after 235°C baking (ISO5858, clause should have been performed as well as 15 cycle test.
    How can we know if outsourced surface treatments are in line with reusability test after exposure to maximum temperature?
    Many thanks in advance,

  2. After discussions with Mr. Diaz:

    0,7 N.m minimum breakaway torque at first cycle is tighter than 0,35 N.m for each cycle.
    => Agreed.
    After comparison with qualifications 931 and 964, we are is the same case:
    – Adhesion test after baking to maximum operating temperature has been carried out,
    – Reusability test at ambient temperature (without any exposure to maximum operating temperature) with the maximum number of cycles required by technical specification has be carried out as well.
    On the basis of these, qualification approved.
    Best regards.

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