TCM 1 768-(MCR) – Arconic St Cosme en Vairais (FR) PQ252 Subcontractor Surface Treatmen

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Conditions for approval required by:  Heinrich Hackmann

3 Replies to “TCM 1 768-(MCR) – Arconic St Cosme en Vairais (FR) PQ252 Subcontractor Surface Treatmen”

  1. 1) The complete/full address of the new surface treatment supplier s. The ISO 9100 certificate of the new company should be added to the file.

    2) The MOS2 dry film lubricate is applied to EN 2491 which made reference to TR4070 products which has to be qualified to EN 3021 (Aerospace series, Molybdenum Disulphide dry film lubricants graphite and halogen free, Techn. Spec)
    Please confirm

    3) Please confirm that the heat treatment of the nuts in accordance to EN 3752 and the passivation to EN 2516 process are under control and do not have any influence of the performance of the nut.

    4) Please reference all Manufacturing Steps in the Manufacturing Flow Chart, which will be transferred to Flourotechnique, (for example STS 0969; 0121; 0705; 0706) etc.

    1. Comment1) the EN9100 certificate is in report 768 with the address of Fluorotechnique you can view it.

      Comment 2) I can’t find EN3021 in the normative references. or is this requirement requested?

      Comment 3) For ACP008 I do not ask the QTR which is still valid, the hardness has been well controlled, but it is not in the TR of change of subcontractor.

      comment 4) I do not quite understand what you need, the manufacturing flow chart Fluorotechnics for MoS2 ?.
      In the ARCONIC manufacturing flow chart there is the process instructions : Proc60016

      1. Dear Antoine

        Thanks for your answer to my comments.

        1) Sorry; my fault, I thought this accreditation was from Arconic. Comment accepted.
        2) You are right, EN 3021 is not referenced in EN 2491. Comment is accepted. Note: I have active ASD-STAN working group to up date EN 2491 to introduce EN 3021 for the technical specification for the material.
        3) I confirm your statement that the Treatment process is well under control and is not part of the process transfer of the surface treatment process.
        4) I have attached a section of the Manufacture Flow chart. This indicates the processes which are outsourced to Fluorotechnique. Could you confirm the processes which are outsourced as shown in the attachment. ?

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