TCM 1 733-Johann Maier & Co. – Stuttgart (DE) EN 4636-100013

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Conditions for approval required by:  Piero Visconti

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  1. Editorial: please, correct the formal description of the product:

    Screws, 100° countersunk head, six lobe recess, short thread, in heat resisting steel FE-PA2601 (A286), passivated — Classification: 900 MPa (at ambient temperature) / 650 °C

    Aerospace series — Screws, 100° countersunk head, six lobe recess, short thread, in titanium alloy TI-P64001, with aluminium pigmented coating — Classification: 1 100 MPa (at ambient temperature) / 315 °C

    1) Quality assurance – NADCAP or OEM Accreditation
    NADCAP or OEM Accreditation are missing

    1. Dear Piero
      – The title will be correct.
      – Due to the company size of Johann Maier they do not have NADCAP approval. An Audit was made in November 2018 by Airbus Defence and Space. ref. Audit report nr. 18-ADS-0000-4090. In summary of the report the following is written, and this statement is our OEM Accreditation.
      ” Company Johann Maier GmbH&Co.KG is listed as an active partner within the Airbus Defence&Space ASL ( Approved Supplier List) without restrictions for all aircraft programs( in accordance with the scope of the EN 9100 certificate: High Performance Fasteners for standard and special requirements in aerospace, defense, motorsports and petroleum industry.)”
      The Audit report is in the ASD-Cert file no. 733 under the para. “Particular remarks”

      Heinrich Hackmann
      Airbus Defence and Space
      87055 Manching

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