TCM 1 715-(R) – Arconic Fastening Systems & Rings – Portet sur Garonne (FR) PQ241

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  1. For silver plating thickness, Test Report does not contain any results, especially for thread flanks.
    Indeed, EN3686 specifies: “Silver coat all over according to EN 2786, coating thickness 3 ?m to 6 ?m on the thread flanks measured at the pitch diameter.”
    Could you please clarify manufacturing bacth size?
    We have different batch sizes mentioned in Test Report: 25 (first page) or 4862 (visual inspection) or 5300 (Eddy Current). Is is assumed that we have 5300 bolts or more manufactured for this batch.
    Many thanks in advance for replying.

  2. 1-We have updated our test report to add silver plating thickness.
    I will send to you separately the modified test report and photo

    2-Quantity of the batch is recorded when the operation is performed.
    At the beginning of the production, batch is launched with 5300 parts.
    During the production, some parts are destroyed and scrapped.
    It seems to be the case at the operation of visual inspection. Only 4862 parts have been inspected because the others have been scrapped before.
    Quantity 25 of the batch 1814178 is because the original batch has been splited with another batch 1918855 when the parts have been finished.
    Batch 1918855 has been shipped in january 2019 before date for qualification was expired and we have kept 25 parts for qualification.
    If you need more information do not hesitate to contact me

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