TCM 1 706-(MCR) – Johann Maier & Co. – Stuttgart (DE) PQ299 two steps (forging and drilling)

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  1. Confirm if this request is for all hole permutation codes.

    If this review is for MCR to relocate the turning & drilling processes, it is not clear how the revision ‘H’ has been applied to the existing manufacturing route (what has changed on the route doct?).
    Was the product route originally sealed at rev G or other rev?
    Manufacturing route is not sealed & does not directly relate to the EN2549 standard part i.e. how is the m’fg route linked to parts EN2549?

    Test data- We had the debate about the applicability of the Tension Fatigue Test (test 5.4.3). This needs to be captured in this report if it is applicable.
    The Hydrogen Content req’t (5.5.4) quotes the finding as “Open”. Suggest this is clarified.

  2. 1) History
    With PQ299 (this was the first ASD-Cert Qualification I did with Johann Maier) in 2014, only the standard EN2549D60022F was qualified. I put the
    “OLD” documentation of this qualification onto the new ASD-Cert Website to have this available. At that time (2014) the discussion regarding the requirement “Tension Fatigue Test” was not held. Do we need a later test for confirmation? There are further qualification at Johann Maier under review 8e.g.) EN4363 and I will request this test of course.

    2) Hydrogen Content:
    Sorry you are right with your remarks; Thanks; But in the report in the Annex page 42 the Hydrogen Analysis was made. (See attachment, sheet 42 from the PQ299 ACP005 Form 02 report ASC-Cert Nr 313.

    3) ACP008, Change of Manufacturing Route:
    Last Year Johann Maier provide a letter to our Supply Chain Quality and to ASD-Cert to move “TWO” Manufacturing steps in Stuttgart from
    Schockenriedstraße 38 to Breitwiesenstrasse 3. The” two” manufacturing steps (Forging and drilling) are marked in the Manufacturing Route (blue framed).
    The former Manufacturing Route for PQ299 was issue “G” (see attached); and was part of ACP005 Form2 . The new Manufacturing Route with the two (blue framed) is Issue “H” (see also attached; stamped.)
    For this manufacturing movement we performed an Audit together with our Quality assurance.

    4) Qualification and confirmation of the Manufacturing Route Change:
    In parallel (this is a coincidence ) Johann Maier starts a new Qualification for EN2874 which is a family qualification. Parts for this qualification were performed to the “new” manufacturing route (two manufacturing steps at Breitwiesenstraße3.)
    (See AD-Cert Nr 610) This is under review.

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