TCM 1 690-(R) – LISI Aerospace [Bestas FTB] Gaziemir (TR) PQ332

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Conditions for approval required by:  Julien Gauther

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  1. On ASD-CERT website, we have:

    ASD-CERT Mandated Body Qualification Report
    690-(R) – LISI Aerospace [Bestas FTB] Gaziemir (TR) PQ332
    Products Applied for:
    Technical Specification
    & Pub Date Standard no Designation
    (or identifiers) Formal description of Product
    EN2576 EN2926 050054, 070032 Aerospace series – Bolts, double hexagon head, relieved shank, long thread, in heat resisting steel FE-PA92HT (A286), silver plated – Classification : 900 MPa (at ambient temperature) / 650 °C

    Test Report 777796 deals with EN2926-050014 bolts.
    Why do we have “050025” and “070032” above, in column “Designation (or identifiers)”?
    We do not have any data for EN2926 with MJ7 diameter.
    Could you confirm that qualification 690 is for both MJ5 and MJ7 or only MJ5?

    As per ISO5855-2, for ISO MJ5x0,8 – 4h6h, we have:
    Major diameter: 4,85 to 5,00 mm
    Pitch diameter: 4,42 to 4,48 mm
    Minor diameter: 3,968 to 4,076 mm
    Could you explain why we have measured values in columns “min /max” and in column “remark” as well?
    Why don’t we have “ok” in column “result” for minor diameter? Indeed, we have “ok” for all other measured dimensions.

    It is written that stress rupture testing is for qualification only, as EN2576 states.
    Nevertheless, in Test Report 777796 (for Acceptance, not Qualification), we have stress rupture test results (Archive No 185547). We all agree that it is better that this test has been done, but this manufacturing flow chart does not match with Test Report.
    If we compare with tensile test at elevated temperature, this manufacturing flow chart is in line with Test Report 777796 because no tensile test at elevated temperature has been done (no result in this TR).

    EN2926-05020-20CoC (Test Report 777796):

    Is it possible to have a glance on FPI report?

    Tensile test have been done even if bolts involved are EN2926-050014.
    Indeed, nominal length (length under head) = 18 mm (dimension N).
    Dimension W = 1,7 to 2,1 mm for this bolt and could be considered as grip length (depending on whether runout threads portion is part of grip length or not).
    EN2576, clause 5.4.1 and sub clause a) states that: “Tensile tests are not applicable to the following: a) protruding head bolts of grip length less than 2D (…)”
    Thus, if W is the grip length, then tensile test on these bolts is not applicable.
    Is it correct?

    Many thanks in advance.

    1. Hello Jullen,

      Sorry for delay response.

      1- When I chose the renewal application of PQ332, system automatically was select both of them MJ5 & MJ7. But this renewal just for EN2926-050 (MJ5).
      2- The dimensions in the remark column measurements correspond to pre coating values, other column min/max for after plating values.
      Actually it is”ok” but the minor result column is missed out.
      3- About Sealed Routing
      It does not match but nothing to do, only for this batch. There is no stress rupture test we do for other batches.
      4- I will send to Philip, because I can’ t upload documents directly on ASD-CERT website.
      5-Yes you are right, but according to EN2576 clause 5.4.1 ?nspection and test method column we have to perform the tensile test on test piece (test specimen) or finish parts. Parts can be fixed to the test machine , so it was carried out on finished part.

      Best Regards,

      Nuray CETINYUREK

  2. Hello Nuray,

    Thanks for your reply.
    So, only one topic remains:
    “4- I will send to Philip, because I can’ t upload documents directly on ASD-CERT website.”
    Thank yo uvery much and have a nice day.
    Best regards,

    Julien Gauther

  3. LISI AEROSPACE has provided FPI report.

    Manufacturing batch quantity is (at this manufacturing operation): 5930 bolts.
    FPI has been done as per prEN2576 and ISO3452-1.
    As per prEN2576, FPI requires AQL = 0,065%. So, 200 parts shall be FP Inspected.
    On LISI AEROSPACE’s report, 1000 parts have been FPI, which is tighter.
    Many thanks for this reply !

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