TCM 1 689-(R) – LISI Aerospace [Bestas FTB] Gaziemir (TR) PQ330

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Conditions for approval required by:  Heinrich Hackmann

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  1. For the Re-newal of PQ330; ASD-Cert No.689 attached please find the following comments:
    1) A picture of the standard bolt/screw should be shown on the file of EN 3686
    2) For a Re-newal a detailed FAIR (First Article Inspection to EN 9102 should be issued.
    3) The Manufacturing Flow Chart should be up-dated and should be “New” signed by the MBR to confirm that “NO” change in the manufacturing process have been performed. The Manufacturing Process Specification with title and document number used at LISI Turkey have to be listed in the documents.
    4) For a re-newal the requirements “Acceptance Tests” as listed in the technical specification EN3685, shall be part of the file.

    1. Hello Heinrich,

      Sorry for delay response. We have just learned that you are expecting a reply from us from Christelle.

      I can’t add files directly ASD-CERT website. So I will send to Philip the documents as you want for upload these.

      1- Part marking pictures sent to Phil.
      2- FAIR done and sent to Phil.
      3- Updated Flowchart was added according to renewal batch.
      4- You can see the acceptance tests on our Certificate on Conformance Report. I couldn’ t understand what do you want for acceptance test ?

      Best Regards,

      Nuray CETINYUREK

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