TCM 1 678-(R) – Arconic Fastening Systems & Rings – Portet sur Garonne (FR) PQ311

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  1. audit-678-EN4178H060006F_F.A.I.1759628:

    Page 4/29
    As per ISO5855-2, minimum minor diameter = 4,713 mm.
    In FAI1759628, minimum minor diameter = 4,714 mm.
    Anyway, the difference is only 1 µm, which is insignificant.

    Page 18/29
    Wrong sample size for dye penetrant inspection: 200 parts should have been dye penetrant inspected instead of 80 (original lot size = 763 parts). We agree with the fact that ARCONIC Toulouse modified its sampling plan to be in line with ISO2859-1 few months ago (Mr. BANIEE’s email, May 14th 2019). Thus, this comment is just for information.

    Page 20/29
    Recess torque test.
    This test has been done as per NASM1312-25.
    As per EN4178, recess is defined by EN3911 and EN3905 is the corresponding technical specification.
    Could you please justify that NASM1312-25 is equivalent to EN3905?

    Many thanks in advance for replying,

    1. julien

      herewith the answer to your question about recess test under NASM 1312-25

      Arconic has refered to this standard because they haven’t the specific tooling mentionned in the EN 3905
      Nevertheless they have made the test following the requierments of the EN ;
      that means :
      5 samples tested,
      15 cycles done following the couple mentionned in the EN ( 24 Nm for a 6 mm diameters) without grease ( for information NASM asked to grease the recess).
      From my point of view it is acceptable

      I have the Arconic report updated with these informations that I could record in this dossier after your agreement.

      ( In order to avoid any further discussions for this test( or others), I suggest to ask to ASD STAN to add the EN 3905 ( or other test standards ) in the colonn test in the technical specifications)

  2. Hello Daniel,

    Thank you very much for this detailed reply ! It is now good for me.
    Have a nice day.

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