TCM 1 580 – STACEM – Grand Champ (FR) – EN3049

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Conditions for approval required by:  Heinrich Hackmann


2 Replies to “TCM 1 580 – STACEM – Grand Champ (FR) – EN3049”

  1. I have checked the above mentioned report and sorry I cannot accept this report and have to decline this to the following reason:

    1) The Qualification test report, table of test results; inspection, material data and all other referenced documents which are attached, must be in English language.
    2) At ASD-Cert it is agreed that the ACP005 Form 2 has to be issued by the MBR. An example see attached with all appendices. This includes also all accreditation e.g. ISO 9100 approvals.
    3) The manufacturing route is not readable and has to be written in English language.

    ACP005 Form 2 is also listed in the appendix 1 of the ASD-Cert Quality Manual.

    Please be so kind to re-writing the report.

  2. QTR corrected. ACP005 Form2 provided in Word format.
    New manufacturing route document and material certificates provided.

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