TCM 1 565– Blanc Aero Industries – LISI – Plérin, Saint Brieuc (FR) EN4396

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Conditions for approval required by:  Philippe Canteau


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  1. I have read the answers from LISI to my conditions. That is OK for the test method for perpendicularity. However it is not clear for the creep test because the heat treatment for the material has been done at 980 °C instead of 900 °C and the creep test was done with 483 N/mm² instead of 400 N/mm². I agree that this is more severe than specified, however I do not see the successfulness of this creep test and I cannot see the influence of the out of spec heat treatment with the higher creep stress value. I do not have the specification EN4700-2, maybe the successfulness of the creep test is inside. I cannot approve without this information. Phil could you give this information why the creep test was successful with such a difference to the thermal treatment and such a difference to the creep stress value ?

  2. A&D managed to update their Certificate of conformity (see enclosed), by adding the requirements in order to show the successfulness of the test :

    – 74.5 hours for a requirement of 23 hours min
    – 6.5% elongation at rupture for a requirement of 5% min

    Some supplementary feedback were received from A&D, to explain that the reason they performed the creep test at these temperature and load, was to be conforming to AMS5732 par. As a matter of fact, AMS5732 is also called on the raw material certificate, thus they used the most critical values among all referenced standards in order to validate the creep performance (copy of AMS enclosed).

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