TCM 1 392-4 – LISI Aerospace [Bestas] Gazemir (TR) EN3052-12 & D12

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  1. Double shear tests seem to have been carried out by applying loads just above the minimum required. Is it right? Or these values are at break.
    This is just a question since ISO7961 allows to stop this test when minimum load is reached.

    Dimension report – major thread diameter:
    In dimension report, MAX thread major diameter mentioned = 12,000 mm. As per EN3052, table 1, note 1: “In accordance with ISO 5855-2 except the thread major diameter “d max.” which shall be equal to D1 min. – 0,025.”
    So, max thread major diameter shall be equal to 12 – 0,034 – 0,025 = 11,941 mm.
    Test results are compliant, but for future mfg batches, this shall be taken into account.

    Many thanks,
    Best regards.

    1. After we achieved the minimum required, we stopped the test. Parts didn’t break.

      For the major diameter it is my fault (typo error). Our production control drawing in line with the specification an EN drawing so there is no concern about parts.

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