TCM 1 321-2-1- Amphenol Socapex – Thyez (FR) EN3155-003, 008 ENQ14-04

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Conditions for approval required by:  Martin Russell


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  1. See e-mail 18 Nov to SG. Test info is not on the web-site & therefore cannot be confirmed by EB. The evidence is anticipated to be in the sections of the report not loaded.

    1. A Webex session has been arranged, during which Amphenol Socapex presented the report and answered to the conditions raised.

      It was agreed, to close out the conditions, to have another test performed (TBD) and a written statement according to which the tensile strength test validation values have been modified in agreement with the ASD-STAN working group members.

      1. more details were provided by Amphenol Socapex afterwards:

        “During the webex, Amphenol Socapex have shown QTP building logic. It has been agreed that for next qualification effort, a detailed explanation of the QTP modification compared to the standard one will be documented. Also, if there is any results deviation, Amphenol Socapex will share it with the auditor and also ASD CERT Technical Committee to insure that any decision is understood by everyone.

        Also, an explanation of all the engineering reports for all qualification has been done. A few failures mainly:
        • Radius out of tolerances on contacts flange.
        • Deformation after crimping on some configuration. This topic is going to be reviewed during next Ad’hoc meetings.
        • Tensile strength after aging. This topic has been worked out during Ad’hoc meetings an with an agreement of a value of 5% below the initial values after aging.
        • Size 22D test probe damage reliability


        • Run additional test with Size 22D and previous Probe damage test method – ASF
        • Official document from Amphenol Socapex regarding the tensile strength values after aging for ASF contacts – ASF

  2. Ref e-mail 15-10-19 to Secretary general, M Grinham, S Ohde, P Baena & L Lagrange.
    “Christelle the routes are OK to add for parts EN3155-003 & -008 to the web-site.

    I shall approve the qual’n on the basis that the changes to the EN3155 tensile performance are aligned with the EN3155 Ad Hoc conditions & ASD-STAN D2S3 accept the Amphenol position on the appropriate revision for these parts in accordance with the Ad hoc decision.

    If the revision (to accommodate the EN3155 changes) is not fulfilled by ASD-STAN, the acceptance of this qual’n (& any other qual’ns based on the reduced EN3155 performance) will be in jeopardy.”

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