TCM 2 921-(R) – TE Connectivity – Oceanside (US) PQ204

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Conditions for approval required by:  Chantal CERRET

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  1. Before to validate the Qualifications 921, 923, 1133 and 1134, I’ld like to clarify the following:

    In the QTR EA20180344-Rev-B-Group-C-April 2019.pdf, I’ve found the some points that make me uncomfortable to sign:

    1 – Page 3 – Magnetic permeability 4.5.48
    My question is the following:
    – Is it possible to add the test report after 19P change to this qualification? If not it seems that this subject is not yet closed

    2 – Page 5 – External bending moment 4.5.16
    My question is the same:
    – Is it possible to add the additional tests results after enhancement to this qualification Report ? If not it seems that this subject is not yet closed

    Then I’ve no anymore comments concerning all those qualifications

  2. Hello Chantal,

    thanks for the provided comments. As already discussed with the manufacturere TE, the failures found regarding Magnetic Permeability and External Bending moment on one size each of a composite connector shell were solved. A mitigation plan was proposed to DLA and accepted as DLA answered with a notification for “Release of stop shipment”.
    This notification was added to the qualification folder and the detected problems are seen as solved.

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