TCM 2 876-(R) – Trelleborg Sealing Solutions – Condé sur Noireau (FR) PQ277

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Conditions for approval required by:  Philippe Canteau

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  1. Conditions to renew qualification of EN3049 seals under EN3050 technical specification :
    • Several machines to conduct acceptance tests have been replaced by new ones during the validity period of PQ277. Have the corresponding ACP-008s (Manufacturing change requests) been sent to ASD-CERT? See ASD-CERT Quality Manual. Otherwise, a statement that conformity of the delivered seals against their product standard has not been affected by the change of those machines during the validity period of PQ277, shall be addressed to ASD-CERT.
    • Elastomer compound of the seals has been elaborated in TSS Malta. Has the corresponding ACP-008 been sent to ASD-CERT? If not, please provide ASD-CERT with a statement that the change of elastomer compound has not affected the conformity of the seals against their product standard.

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