TCM 2 1067-Howmet Fixations Simmonds – St Cosme en Vairais (FR) 28150ECR105-TMST

QAR: Click Here
Conditions for approval required by:  Philip Edwards

2 Replies to “TCM 2 1067-Howmet Fixations Simmonds – St Cosme en Vairais (FR) 28150ECR105-TMST”

  1. The drawing calls out the parts to be made from EN2171. the QRT, MBR or the Material cert makes no reference to this material.

    can the Material cert be updated to sate the raw material conforms to EN2171 or get a statement form Howmet on how this material is acceptable to be used.

  2. Dear Phil,
    Thank you for the management of NAR n°1066 & 1067 for the qualification of nuts EN4396-020 & EN4396-028.
    The EN4396 call outs the parts to be made from EN2171, but it’s well noted that “EN2171 is Inactive for new design, see EN 4317 and EN 4318.”
    On Material certificate, you can see the reference to Howmet material specification SAM0013 (“Alcoa SAM0013” or “SAM0013”), see enclosed, which refers well to EN4317 & EN4318.

    Please let me know if this feedback answer to the opened condition.

    Thank you in advance,

    Have a nice day,
    Sébastien GARCIA

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