TCM 1 981-(R) – Paolo Astori SPA – Gattico (IT) PQ387

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  1. 1st NDT is carried out after nut forming.
    2nd NDT is carried out after passivation. Generally, NDT is done after any surface finishing.
    As per ASTM E1417, we have this requirement: “6.8.2 Surface Coatings—All coatings and other surface conditions, such as, paint, plating, corrosion, etc. shall be removed from the area to be examined prior to penetrant examination. The penetrant examination shall precede any surface finish, such as anodize, except for inservice parts that may be examined without removing the anodize.”
    FPI requires the use of some products (penetrant, developer…). How can we make sure that these kind of products are not detrimental for passivation?
    After FPI, parts shall be cleaned. Does cleaning operation affect passivation performance?
    Many thanks in advance,
    Best regards.

  2. Dear Julien,
    you can find the answer prepared by Stefano Giacometti from Paolo Astori.
    – All products used during FPI inspection are according to AMS2644 specification (Inspection material, penetrant).
    We also perfomed internal tests on our parts to verify if FPI materials and final cleaning chemical products (NaOH based) could be detrimental for surface CP finishing such as passivation. No difference has been detected before and after FPI complete process.
    Available for further information

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