TCM 1 945 – (R) – Howmet Fastening Systems (Linread) – Wigston, Leicester (UK) – PQ297

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  1. As already discussed in qualification 729, salt spray test is destructive and this is the reason why 5 parts were checked (Robert Stuart Ldt report) and not 100% as stated by EN2583, clause 5.3.7.
    5 parts tested is in line with EN2583, table 8, column B (destructive test) since mfg batch size is 521 (as we can see on FAIR).

    For tensile test at elevated temperature, after converting tensile strengths (MPa) into tensile loads (N), results are in line with EN2583, table 7 (load @650°C).

    Fatigue test: in lab test report, it is written “N.A Bolt undersize for test”.
    As per EN2583, Tension fatigue tests are not applicable to the following:
    a) Protruding head bolts of nominal length < 3 D;
    EN2927-070024 has MJ7 diameter; 24 = N = length code = nominal length
    So, for me, this bolt has sufficient length to be fatigue tested for qualification only, as per EN2583. (We are not talking about grip length in EN2583)
    I assume that fatigue test was not performed since EN2583 does require it for qualification, but not for acceptance.

    FPI: in routing report, FPI was carried out as per Int.Spec.1 NBF192 to NBF192.
    Does it match with “Disc No” in Test Report?
    Is NBF192 in line with EN3452-1 called out by EN2583?
    What is the sample size for FPI?

    Many thanks,

  2. Fatigue Test question

    With regard to the fatigue test, the length that is important is the plain shank length, not the overall shank length as the thread portion is contained within the threaded adaptor. We suspect that the wording is poor in the specification and what is meant is the plain shank length as required by all the other fatigue type specifications. With this part the plain shank length is 2.5-4 mm, which would be well within the limits set by the specification. In addition we would not be able physically test the parts as we would not be able to get a head adaptor on and maintain the requirement for 1-2 threads being above the thread adaptor.

    FPI Question

    The FPI is not linked in any way with the disc number, the FPI has a part number data card which gives all the FPI requirements, and the results are recorded in a log book and indicated on the route card.

    A copy of the NDT data card is attached in the supplementary documents section for your info.

  3. Fatigue test: agreed.
    Almost all tech. specs take into account plain shank length.
    For example, ISO9154.
    EN2583 should be amended accordingly.

    FPI: thank you for additional document. Agreed.

    Many thanks.

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