TCM 1 723-2 – (R) – Arconic Fastening Systems & Rings – Portet sur Garonne (FR) PQ353

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Conditions for approval required by:  Julien Gauther

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  1. On test report 1825043, hardness tests on bolt blanks were performed as per LN65009 and requirement is from 37 to 41 HRC.
    EN3035-06010AB bolts follow ISO7689 proc. Spec. Hardness requirement is from 36 to 40 HRC.
    It is something to point out, but, hardness values on “EbPAN3008” blanks do not exceed 40 HRC, which is compliant.
    Since “EbPAN3008” bolt blanks were manufactured following LN65009 proc. Spec., these blanks were first intended to manufacture LN29781 bolts (or LN29522 bolts, but I do not think for this one).

    Cadmium parameters:
    For electrolytic degreasing, surface-related current density requirement is from 0,5 A/dm² to 3 A/dm². Why do we have “100” in this column?
    Same question for cadmium plating surface-related current density.

    QTR, tensile test on bolts.
    Standard test method for tensile test on bolts required is ISO7689.
    ISO6892 is standard test method on test specimens.

    Clause C, microstructure, overheating.
    Requirements in this QTR refer to titanium alloy bolts, not steel bolts.
    Could you please mention parameters/requirements as stated by ISO7689, clause 5.5.3 and table 8?
    Could you please confirm that right requirements as per ISO7689, clause 5.5.3 were checked? According to metallurgical examinations report, it is the case, but since requirements in QTR are wrong, it is advised to confirm.
    Many thanks and have a good day.

    1. Good Morning Mr Gauther,

      I agree It would have been better to mention it in the QTR.

      Cadmium Parameters:
      In both columns are recorded the amperes and not the surface-related current density.
      In our case, 3 batches have been plated together for a total surface of 42dm². So,
      Electrolytic degreasing surface-related current density : 100/42 = 2.38 A/dm²
      Cadmium plating surface-related current density : 200/42 = 4.76 A/dm²

      Tensile Test:
      QTR will be modified to mention the ISO7961 insted of ISO6982, mistake from myself.

      Clause C, microstructure, overheating:
      Same as qualification N#723-1.

      QTR will be modified and send to Mr Stepanski.

      Have a nice day.
      Best regards

  2. Good morning Mr. Breton,

    Thans you for replying.
    This is good for me now.
    Have a nice day.

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