TCM 1 482-2-8 -(MCR)- Blanc Aero Industries – LISI – Villefranche de Rouergue (FR) Lisi Villefranche Relocation

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Conditions for approval required by:  Julien Gauther

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  1. On ASD-CERT website, we have only NADCAP NDT accreditation for LISI AEROSPACE La Rouquette (VDR2)
    After some researches on eAuditNet, if I am not mistaken, LISI AEROSPACE La Rouquette is NADCAP accredited for CP, HT and MTL.
    If it is, could you please add this information? Perhaps, these NADCAP accreditations were not available at the time of establishing this qualification.

    Micrographic examinations:
    As per EN2959:
    Grain size number greater or equal to 3: corresponding % of area greater or equal to 95%.
    Grain size number between 2 and 3 (not included): corresponding % of area lower or equal to 5%.
    Grain size number lower than 2: not acceptable.
    As per AMS5709:
    Uniformly mixed grain sizes are permissible. Segregated areas of coarse or fine grains shall not exceed 20% of any field at 100X magnification. Standards for acceptance may be agreed upon by purchaser and vendor.
    In some micrographic pictures, we have (big) coarse grains. What is the corresponding area?
    Do these coarse grains have G < 2?
    In some micrographic pictures, it seems we have mixed grain sizes. If it is, does it exceed 20% of field?
    I do not know whether EN2959 and/or EN2959 are applicable for microstructure and grain sizes since this qualification has been done according to customer drawing number AS42910 THRU 915.
    Many thanks !

    1. NADCAP accreditation, in the updated report.
      Micrographic examination according to Technical specification (SBAC): TS26 ISSUE 3 page 5/45 Grain size may vary according to section tickness and/or deformation but shall be 3 or finer, when compared with ASTME112 Plate 2 .
      Isolated grains not exceeding a mean diameter (the mean diameter is the average of the major and minor axes of an individual grain) Of 0,5mm are acceptable

  2. Hello Antoine,

    Thank you for these additional details.
    Is is good for me now.

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