TCM 1 1311-(R) – Howmet Fastening Systems – Portet sur Garonne (FR) PQ345 EN4072-060

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Conditions for approval required by:  Julien Gauther

3 Replies to “TCM 1 1311-(R) – Howmet Fastening Systems – Portet sur Garonne (FR) PQ345 EN4072-060”

  1. On ASD-CERT website, “Designation (or identifiers)” box, could you please replace “060[030-060]AE by 060[003-060]AE?

    As per EN4072, table 1, note a, thread major diameter “d max” shall be equal to D1min-0,025.
    Thus dmax = 6-0,035-0,025 = 5,940 mm.
    In FAI, thread major diameter “d max” requirement is 6,000 mm.
    Hopefully, actual values are compliant with 5,940 mm. Could you just please take into account this specificity?

    Acceptance test report, clause D, fillet between head and shank: A and B dimension requirements have been inverted. Could you please correct this? Note: in FAI, right value requirements are reported and actual values are compliant.
    Thank you for your support,
    Best regards,

    1. Good Afternoon,

      You’re right, both FAIR & Acceptance Test report have been updated and dropped through website.

      Have a nice day.
      Bet regards,

  2. Good afternoon Quentin,
    Many thanks for your speed.
    The last correction about length range will be carried out by ASD-CERT and is not blocking for me.
    Thus, approved from my side.
    Have a nice weekend.

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