TCM 1 1111-(MCR) – TE Deutsch – Evreux (FR) PQ206

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  1. Hello Christian,

    the related QTP SE697-030 is based on TR4633 and is asking to perform test 412 “contact insertion and extraction” and test 402 “shock” on layout 14-04.
    In QTR PVE697-271VA I see connector with layout 14-04 in group 3 for vibration testing, but I cannot find test results for tests 402 and 412 as reqested in QTP. How is this justified?
    Best regards

  2. Hello Steffen,
    I understand your remark, we focused on 3 axis vibrations testing with certified high vibration clip PQ248 and PVE 701-048 VA, we have a note in the conclusions which is in the PVE697-271VA but I think it must add a justifying remark in my conclusion certification 1111.
    Note which must be added for more precision and justifications.
    This clip #12 has already been certified by the qualification of connectors EN2997 -014 and EN2997-016 since 2012 PQ248 and Rolls -Royce certification 1990.
    No major modification has been made: (cavity clip design, insulating materials, clip design), therefore we justify the non-necessity of redoing tests 402 and 412.
    When do you think ?
    Christian Mazelle

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