PQ562 LISI Aerospace [Bestas FTB] Gaziemir (TR)

PQ562 LISI Aerospace [Bestas FTB] Gaziemir (TR)

Issue Date:  12 Feb 2021
Expiration Date:  12 Feb 2024
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Technical Specification Standard no Designation (or identifiers) Formal description of Product
EN3685 EN3912 050 Bolts, pan head, six lobe recess, relieved shank, long thread, in heat resisting steel FE-PA2601 (FE-PA92HT, A286), silver plated - Classification: 1100 MPa (at ambient temperature)/650 °C
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Location of Site accredited by this PQ: LISI Aerospace [Bestas FTB] Gaziemir (TR)

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